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        • review rating 5  Amazing, delicious food. I had chicken kabobs and saffron basmati rice. My husband had both the chicken breast and beef kabobs and loved them. Great little market with an amazing selection of spices at good prices.

          thumb Becky Cekis

          review rating 5  This is a fantastic place! I didn't know what to expect when I first arrived but I'm happy that it was delicious and very reasonably priced. I'll definitely be back!

          thumb Maggie McCoy
        • review rating 5  Great tasting food. Clean restaurant with a neighborhood vibe

          thumb dean Richardson

          review rating 5  Although I ordered to go meal, after 1/2 hour of driving home the food was in a great condition. The meat was nice and tender and very tasty. I will highly recommend the place.

          thumb Sean Goodarzi
        • review rating 5  I got their koobideh and it was very good and tender. One if the best koobideh places I’ve ever been to. Te owner is a very welcoming person and their service was good.

          thumb Masoud Alfi

          review rating 5  First time I tried vegan food it's all right so quiet taste a lot of chewing good flavor but the coconut cake is the best the best vegan coconut cake

          thumb shera Brown
        • review rating 5  persian food and the feeling at this place is great. Super delicious. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. Prices are fair I would say.

          thumb Allison Harrell

          review rating 5  persian food, mmm, awesome. I like it here, excellent food & service. Definitely worth going back to. The place has an awesome atmosphere.

          thumb Catherine Martinez
        • review rating 5  Really awesome food. So tasty and cooked perfectly. Delicious Kabobs and unique fresh Sangak breads. 100% recommend this place.

          thumb nima azad

          review rating 5  This is one of my favorite restaurant. The Kebab is well-cooked and its taste is awesome! I love their Sangak as it is really amazing. Service is friendly and the ambiance cozy.

          thumb Negar Bassiri
        • review rating 5  Came here for an event and I was surprised to see another great Persian spot in Atlanta. Food was amazing and hospitality was outstanding. Definitely will be returning back.

          thumb Omer Khan

          review rating 5  Wonderful food, fit for a king. I never heard of this place, I only saw their sign while on my way to Asheville. I'll be back again for the exquisite taste of Persia.

          thumb Scott Urquhart
        • review rating 5  Great food, great service, and reasonable prices.

          thumb Shokoufeh Kamyab

          review rating 5  Great food, great service, and reasonable price.

          thumb Shokoufeh Kamyab
        • review rating 5  We started with entree Kashkobademjan which was not good but our main food (lamb kebab, koobideh and chicken kebab) were very tender an delicious!

          thumb Elahe Boskabadi

          review rating 5  This is by far one of my favorite restaurants. Kamel and Nadir have a big heart and have served with excellent customer service. The meat is always juicy and cooked to perfection while their bread always comes to us fresh and hot. Every single thing on the menu is well thought out and is full of taste. Portions are well worth the price and service!

          thumb Rehan Maya
        • review rating 5  This place has the best food for the price. It tastes like home made food. Their chicken is a bit spicy, which is unique to them. The lamb is excellent. Also, their ghormeh sabzi is so good I eat it only at that restaurant.

          thumb Marc Sleiman

          review rating 5  Amazing! Can you believe fresh sangak in the middle of Holcomb Bridge? Who would have thought? The food and service is amazing in this place!

          thumb Alex Mahyar
        • review rating 5  Taaj Market & Restaurant is a real gem! We received some of their delicious Sangak bread from a friend and I knew we had to make a visit. We came in for a late lunch. Service was friendly and the ambiance cozy. The food was really top notch! Great job with seasonings and everything tasted so fresh. We will definitely be returning. YUM! We also explored their market and made some purchases there as well. Highly recommended all around!

          thumb Dana Olsen

          review rating 5  - The one and only Sangak bakery in metro Atlanta. - Excellent food - Very clean environment - Very welcoming staff - You never go wrong if you decide to try some Persian food in this place

          thumb Richard Garrett
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